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Welcome to Anahata Cattery !

We are small, house based, British Shorthair Cattery located in Denver, COLORADO, USA.

Our cattery registered with TICA Cat Fanciers Association.
We breed British Shorthairs cats and kittens from 2001.

Our specialization is silver classic tabby colors, black or chocolate..
From time to time we have kittens for sale,
please, visit our website and contact us if you are looking for a kitten.
Our cats and kittens come from very good international bloodlines.
They all are vaccinated and registered. All our cats and kittens live inside our home.
They have freedom inside the house, but cannot roam outside. They are raised with love and affection.
If you are interested in one of our beautiful kittens,
please email us or call us and let us know what you are looking for.
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We will be happy to provide any advice and support that may be needed as you adjust to life with your new family member,
and we will be keeping in touch as you will be in our "extended family"!

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Anahata Cats

Our Testimonials

Hello Anna

You must be a magician -- this kitten is amazing! He's already settled in here, and he loves the other cats. He's a perfect little gentleman, never uses his claws with me. He's already using the same litter box as the grown-ups. He's having fun, running through the house, chasing his little mice and little balls. He's the most well-behaved kitten I've ever seen.
His appetite is great. It's as though he's always lived here, because he's adjusted so well. He has an enormous purr. And he's SO SMART.
I haven't given him a name yet -- so far I'm just calling him Little Boo-boo. But he's already starting to recognize that, so I've got to settle on his real name really soon. At the moment he's snuggled-up, sound asleep beside me on the sofa.
The first night I slept in his little nursery room with him, and he slept right against my chest all night. He just bonded right to me. Last night, he slept on my bed with the other cats.
He's just incredible -- everything you said he'd be, and much, much more. I don't know how I could be any happier, and can't imagine what gift you must have that seems to bring out all the potential that's in a kitten
I'm trying to get some good photos for you. It's very hard to catch a moment when a kitten isn't moving! But for now, I just had to send you this update. BTW, I'll be recommending you to anyone I know who's wanting to get a Brit kitten. You're fantastic.
Terry H
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